The Haden Triplets

“During our early life, we were surrounded by music on both sides of our family. We visited our dad's family in Springfield, Missouri, where they taught us old country songs they used to perform on the radio as ‘The Haden Family’. Going to see our dad play jazz concerts growing up was a huge influence as well. Our grandparents on our mother's side were mandolin players and always had Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, classical or traditional Yiddish songs playing at their home. Growing up, there was never a shortage of amazing music being played on the turntable. We met Ry Cooder when we played with his son Joachim, and Joachim asked him if he’d sit in for our show. Once Ry heard we were singing ‘Voice From On High’ by Bill Monroe, he was in right away. The next day we got a call from Ry suggesting we record an album. We wrote down a collection of songs we all liked, then narrowed it down to the music that became the Haden Triplets album. These songs are rich in history, and by recording them we hope to help keep them alive.”

– Tanya, Rachel & Petra Haden